Increase energy savings, efficiency, and operational insight by instrumenting your office area with intelligent LED lighting and smart sensor-based Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions.


    How Can Your Office Improve?

  An office area is a lively place full of people and processes. There is opportunity to realize improvement and new value across all of these areas through energy efficiency, layout optimization, streamlined processes, and the automation of manual tasks. Digital Lumens’ intelligent LEDs, lighting controls, and SiteWorx Industrial IoT platform can help anyone involved in office area operations, run a more efficient, profitable organization.

   The IIoT Starts with Intelligent Lighting

  Through intelligent LED fixtures, Digital Lighting Agents (DLAs), and Siteworx Tune, Digital Lumens’ industry-leading lighting controls help offices across the globe achieve up to 90% in lighting energy savings. Every Digital Lumens-equipped environment is also immediately instrumented with SiteWorx and the ability to deploy additional smart sensors and IIoT solutions.

   Expanded Insights & Control

  With SiteWorx, facilities become a source of actionable data and facility managers are equipped advanced controls and new insights that can help reduce energy spend, maintain safe and comfortable conditions, and streamline processes. Even better, SiteWorx is a customizable solution that can expand as a business grows.

  • Reduce energy costs through advanced lighting control strategies such as task tuning, progressive dimming, and daylight harvesting
  • Ensure and verify office safety and comfort through automatic environmental monitoring
  • Maximize productivity and minimize risk of manual processes through automated collection of verifiable data
  • Easily monitor conditions and occupancy in less-frequented cheap rolex replica auxiliary spaces


Mời quý khách lựa chọn sản phẩm theo mong muốn

   Intelligent LED Fixtures                                                                                                                                                                            

 intelligent LED lighting fixture                                                             

     Close up of Wireless Input/Output device and smart sensor


  Close up image of the Digital Light Agent or DLA smart sensor

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