Increase energy savings, efficiency, and operational insight by instrumenting your warehouse with intelligent LED lighting and smart sensor-based Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions

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Facility-Wide Insight

Manually tracking a facility’s many environmental conditions and usage of energy and other utilities is a drain on productivity and risks human error – even riskier is not monitoring that information at all.

Through smart sensors and equipment-compatible IIoT devices, SiteWorx Sense enables facility managers to automate and centralize critical facility and industrial process data, gain insight into previously invisible areas, and activate more granular cost allocation to improve profit margin.

Improved operation, availability, and efficiency of utilities (power, air, water) and visibility to environmental conditions enable the business to achieve sustainability goals, improving organizational and operational efficiencies, and enhance productivity.

Automate & Centralize

Easily capture, verify, and centralize real-time and historical data across your entire industrial facility, multi-facility site, or enterprise. Reduce time-consuming manual tracking and recording efforts and create an integrated snapshot of facility health, industrial processes, machine and asset usage, and operational productivity.

  • Automate collection and verification of key data 
  • Gain real-time visibility into a facility’s environmental conditions, utility usage, and production processes
  • Compare trends between different sites with data in one centralized and secure place

Observe & Optimize Facility Health

Through wireless smart sensors and input/output (I/O) devices, SiteWorx Sense can be everywhere you can’t. Gain insight into auxiliary areas to proactively identify potential issues with HVAC and other systems, or monitor critical areas for conditions or machine-level activity that could impact product yield, product quality, or production uptime.

  • Understand environmental conditions and predictive maintenance opportunities
  • Reduce risks from failure events like burst pipes in primary and auxiliary spaces
  • Decrease costs related to failure events such as lost production time

Real-Time Monitoring & Alarms

When a facility’s environmental conditions, utility usage, or machine performance stray outside of their expected norms or baselines, it could indicate unsafe environments, utility misuse, or equipment failure. With SiteWorx Sense Alarms, users can customize Email or SMS alarm notifications on these processes and operational-critical sensors to:

  • Reduce the need for manual monitoring, or introduce reliable, auditable dynamic monitoring
  • Detect environmental abnormalities or line-level indicators of damaged equipment to avoid costly, unplanned downtime
  • Gain a better overall understanding of facility health

Unlock New Operational Insights

Track and benchmark activity-based costs and utility consumption trends to identify process and profit improvement opportunities, eliminate unplanned downtime through data-based preventative maintenance programs, and hone OpEx through line-level power consumption information.

  • Improve profit margins by attributing production costs to specific units
  • Benchmark definitive costs for each production line, facility, or site
  • Predict anticipated cost allocation amounts for the next quarter or year



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