FACES - Law Enforcement FACES - Law Enforcement

FACES 4.0 FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT Effective. Affordable. Easy to use. That's why thousands of police agencies worldwide -- including the CIA, FBI and the US Military -- use FACES, the breakthrough facial composite software from IQ Biometrix. Endorsed by crime fighting agencies and supported by police as a proven, effective tool, varoius versions of FACES have been used successfully for more than 12 ye

FACES - Education FACES - Education

FACES 4.0 EDU - EDUCATION FACES 4.0 EDU is a classroom version of the award-winning software that allows police investigators to develop accurate, photo-like suspect composites. Intuitive and easy to use, FACES 4.0 EDU lets students create billions of different human faces with point-and-click selection from its rich database of facial features. FACES 4.0 EDU is available in a single teachers edit

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